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  • Transfer paper (Copier Paper) Finedge A3
Transfer paper (Copier Paper) Finedge A3
  • Transfer paper (Copier Paper) Finedge A3

Transfer paper (Copier Paper) Finedge A3

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Asian producers of paper offer our clients an extensive collection of photocopying papers which is made with use of paper stock of the superior quality. These papers have high resistance to ink blottinga and therefore photocopies are visible and transparent. Available in various sizes, including in the A3 format, all range is widely used for an offset printing, the letter, the press in printed form and high-speed copying. Applications of a product: Photocopying, laser printing, inkjet printing, high-speed copying and press, universal papermaking machine / copy machine, fax, digital copier Characteristics: - Ecological paper - the Precision cutting edges for trouble-free operation - the Bilateral press - does not contain element chlorine - there is no paper for dust - High smoothness - consecutive work - GSM: 70/75/80/85 - Size: A3 (297x420 mm) - Is available in 75GSM (the color copier)

- Packing of pallets is also available

Paper – the universal material used by people since old years. It can have the different sizes, flowers and density. Now there is a broad variety of types of papers of various mission: for drawing, creation of documentation, the press and other. The greatest popularity paper of the A4 format as its basic purpose – printing of various documents, got storage of information, reporting.

However, is in demand as well the paper of the A3 format, necessary, generally for printing of schedules and charts without which not to do, for example, any design engineer or the company which is engaged in introduction of the latest technologies.


 The Lisgop Sikar L'td company (Ukraine) recommends to buy office paper of the A3 format mentioned above. Such transfer paper ( it is possible to buy it on the website) belongs to the class "A" that does it to the most qualitative among all existing classes. Paper of A3 (the price brilliantly corresponds to its characteristics) from "Lisgop Sikar L'td" is a guarantee of top-quality goods. Hurry up to buy such goods as paper of A3 in our online store!


Asian Paper Manufacturers offer our clients an extensive collection of photocopier papers that is made using superior quality paper pulp   . These papers are highly resistant to ink blotting and so xerox prints are visible and clear . Available in a variety of sizes, which include A3 size, entire range is widely used for offset printing, writing, letter press printing and high speed copying.

Product Applications:

Photocopying, laser printing, Inkjet printing, High speed Copying & Printing, Multi-purpose Paper machine/copier machine, Fax, Digital Copier

Salient Features:

- Eco-friendly paper
- Precision cut edges for trouble free performance
- Dual side printability
- Elemental chlorine free
- No dust copy paper
- High smoothness
- Consistent performance
- GSM: 70/75/80/85
- Size: A3 (297x420mm)
- Available in 75GSM (color copier)
- Pallet packing also available

Paper format:A4
Information is up-to-date: 02.01.2018

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Unbelievable price on Transfer paper (Copier Paper) Finedge A3 in Donetsk (Ukraine) company LESGOSP SIKAR (LISGOSP SIKAR L'TD), LTD.
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