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Quality paper of Quality Plus Paper
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Quality paper of Quality Plus Paper

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Paper of quality of Plus Detail of Quality Plus A4 TRANSFER PAPER 80GSM/75GSM/70GSM - Leaf size: 210 mm x 297 mm / 297 mm x 420 mm the International standards of paper (ISO) A4/A3 - Quality: 100% wood cellulose - the Whiteness are imported: 102-104%, natural white - Sorting: A - Thickness: 106 cm - the Opportunity: high-speed copying of 100 ppm, Possibility of the laser, possibility of an inkjet printing, possibility of the fax. HIGH THOSE to CHARACTERISTIC RESKIE AFTER the FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS - humidity Control - Does sheets flat in the photocopier and provides convenience of run. - Low content of dust - Minimizing of costs of operation of the copier. - Good opacity - Bilateral copying of the best quality - Smoothness - Improvement of quality of the press. - A bulky leaf - the BEST to USE increase in smoothness of the course WITH YOU - the Copy machine - the Laser printer - the Fax - Jet - the Copier - 2-sided copying  of Application of a product: Photocopying, laser printing, inkjet printing, high-speed copying and press, universal papermaking machine / copy machine, fax, digital copier Characteristics: - Ecological paper - the Precision cutting edges for trouble-free operation - the Bilateral press - Lack of elementary chlorine - Is not present paper for dust - High smoothness - consecutive work - GSM: 70/75/80/85 - Size: A4 (210x297 mm) / FS - Is available in 75GSM (the color copier)

- Packing of pallets is also available

Often acts as "face" of the company for partners (and especially – potential partners) not as many think, external furniture of office room, and that material equipment which it is necessary to face most often in the course of work. We speak about various office supplies now, continually happens that with partners only business correspondences are conducted, and meetings take place much less often. And to what objects you will give preference, is capable to influence your status.

The Lisgop Sikar L'td company (Ukraine), being engaged in realization of various paper production, recommends you and your office the first-class office paper. The paper office ( it is possible to wholesale it on the website of the company) is made of wood cellulose and belongs to the class "Premium". And it means that its color, rigidity, water tightness allow to make only extremely quality printing. To buy paper of A4 (the price is specified at managers), just make the corresponding order! The paper of A4 recommended by us wholesale – the price its brilliantly favorable – is ideal for all types of photocopying. Remember that on such goods of the company as paper of A4, the price will please each client!

Quality Plus Paper

Detail of Quality Plus A4 COPY PAPER 80GSM/75GSM/70GSM
- Sheet Size:210mm x 297mm/297mm x 420mm International Paper Standards Size(ISO) A4/A3
- Quality: Imported of 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
- Whiteness: 102-104%, Natural White
- Grading: A
- Thickness: 106cm
- Capability: High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser Capable,Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.

- Moisture Control - Makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and enchances runability.
- Low Dust Content - Minimizing Your copier runing cost.
- Good Opacity - Double sided copying of the best quality
- Smoothness - Improving Printing Quality.
- Bulky Sheet - Enhancing smooth runnability

- Photocopier
- Laser Printer
- Fax Machine
- Ink-jet
- Copier
- 2 side copying


Product Applications:

Photocopying, laser printing, Inkjet printing, High speed Copying & Printing, Multi-purpose Paper machine/copier machine, Fax, Digital Copier

Salient Features:

- Eco-friendly paper
- Precision cut edges for trouble free performance
- Dual side printability
- Elemental chlorine free
- No dust copy paper
- High smoothness
- Consistent performance
- GSM: 70/75/80/85
- Size: A4 (210x297mm)/FS
- Available in 75GSM (color copier)
- Pallet packing also available

Mass: - g
Paper format:A4
Humidity: - %
Thickness: 106 "
Transparency: - %
Brightness: - cd/m2
Whiteness: 102-104%, натуральный белый %
Term of reference:-
Density: - g/m²
Information is up-to-date: 02.01.2018

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Unbelievable price on Quality paper of Quality Plus Paper in Donetsk (Ukraine) company LESGOSP SIKAR (LISGOSP SIKAR L'TD), LTD.
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