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Lisgop Sikar L'td was established with an objective of manufacturing excellence is the way forward.

Lisgop Sikar L'td manufactures exports and distributes various types of paper products. In short period of time our paper company has become a well recognized Paper suppliers of A4 copier paperA3 copier paper and color papers of A4 and A3 sizes. Lisgop Sikar L'td are supplying paper products all across countries France, UK, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and many others. Our associates, partners are valuable assets. Our motto is to manufacture wide range of paper products of best quality.


- Profit and growth by pursuing strong business strategies and commitment to quality.
- Process automation and business fortification.
- Leveraging the talents for competitive success.

Go Green

With global warming on the increase and species and their habitats on the decrease, chances for ecosystems to adapt naturally are diminishing day by day. In this current scenario owing to the growing Consumer demands, the pulp and paper industry is now offering more and more environmental friendly paper options. The eco friendly and quality certified paper production industry has tremendously increased in the last two decades. Lisgop Sikar L'td use waste paper as the raw material to manufacture high grade paper products. Lisgop Sikar L'td only manufacture eco friendly products which are comparable to the International standards in the paper production industry. Every Finedge employees are aware how important it is to save our planet from the effect of global warming and deforestation and build a clean, green eco friendly environment for us to lead a long healthy life.


Lisgop Sikar L'td have a latest technology and very skilled team to manufacture large scale paper products to full fill all the needs of our customers. In our production line Lisgop Sikar L'td use slitting machines to cut Jumbo paper rolls to manufacture various types of paper products. Our business is conducted in all aspects according to ethical, professional and legal standards and our business code acts as a guideline to our employees. FINEDGE is committed to quality in every aspect of the operation and satisfying our customers.

Lisgop Sikar L'td is synonymous with premium quality paper, which is reflected in customer’s trust in its products enjoying the ‘Brand’ status among its competitors. Lisgop Sikar L'td’s status as the largest selling multifunctional office paper is not by chance but its efforts over the years.


Lisgop Sikar L'td is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company and consistently striving to improve its quality benchmarks. The success of Finedge paper is customer focused quality policy, continuous 


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